What is the difference between People Decide and Online Direct Democracy (ODD)?


They are quite different and serve different purposes.

The main difference is that People Decide aims to develop a more stable and effective government made of MPs and Senators contracted to vote with the people. We do not believe getting one Senator elected (like other minor parties) is sustainable.

We have no intention of running an opinion polling organisation.

We are focused on ensuring voters understand the Bills they are voting on. We will set up a tool for voters to collaboratively develop summaries of Bills.

People Decide has laid out in its constitution how it will open more up to voters as the model is tested, refined and proven, and more experience is gained.

We do not receive any significant funding from any particular organisation or individual.

We have built the technology. We use open-source software.

Karel Boele, currently People Decide's main candidate was the campaign director for Senator Online leading up to the 2013 Federal election. There may be opportunity for them to work together in the future.