What safeguards are there? What if a vote requires specialist understanding?


We have numerous safeguards in place.

  • The Australian Constitution can only be changed by a referendum and the judiciary interprets and shapes laws.
  • People Decide recommends enshrining human rights in the Constitution to make it stronger.
  • At a Federal level there are two houses of Parliament.
    The Senate will be able to review Bills and listen to experts, and there will normally be months between votes.
  • Bills need to be submitted by MPs and Senators.
    MPs and Senators can still stop Bills at the First and Second Readings in Parliament.
  • Bills must be considered for at least six weeks.
  • If the government needs to get an emergency Bill through it must have a sunset clause of maximum 90 days otherwise People Decide representatives vote against it.
  • Ministerial directives, budget, supply and confidence Bills are not voted on by voters.
  • If there is any evidence of rigged or fraudulent voting we can intervene.
  • This is the first step in completely changing our system of government for the better.
    That's a wonderful thing! If a Bill gets in that voters don’t want they can’t blame the politicians any more. Voters who voted will consider their vote more carefully next time. Voters that did not vote will consider voting. This brings more education, awareness and engagement.
  • Things to remember
    Initially, we may only have one or two seats in Parliament and so we may not have much practical impact. But this gives us time to refine our model and improve it.

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