What about minority groups?


There are three levels of government. We plan to get Participatory Democracy in all levels. This is important for representing minority groups.

  • The Australian Constitution gives us certain rights and common law more;
  • We believe getting human rights enshrined in The Australian Constitution would be helpful for this model;
  • Federal government considers policies that affect all of us and has the Senate as a house of review;
  • State governments consider policies that affect us at a state level. Due to control of funding the federal government has a reasonable amount of control over the States. There are national laws they must abide by too; and
  • Local government considers issues that affect us at a local level. This means if a minority group lives in a particular area they may be able to put in place norms that are important to them (if it does not affect others).

We will get to a point where voters will be able to suggest and develop policy at all levels of government.

If enough people contribute over a period of time, like Wikipedia has shown, you get a reasonable document. It can then be handed to experts to draft into legislation and submitted to parliament to be voted on by voters.

The public is an enormous resource of information and ideas and can contribute to making ingenious, expert and sustainable solutions that represent all of us.