We need real-time participation not a $122 million postal vote, opps sorry I mean survey

The government argued it needed $122 million dollars for an "urgent" or "unforseen" issue. This is how it got $122 million dollars without approval from Parliament. It is hard to argue that the Marriage Equality Postal Survey is urgent or unforseen. The High Court decision today sets a potentially dangerous precedent. It gives more power to the executive and less to Parliament and the people. In future, governments may be able to use this method to spend money on other arguable things they deem "urgent" or "unforseen". So be it, it is done. At least with a plebiscite the government would have got Parliament's approval, but then it would still choose the question and how it implements it. Plebiscites and surveys are slow, non-democratic, divisive and expensive.

We need a new form of government that DOESN'T cost $122 million per decision. Where the people vote on the ACTUAL decisions over a good duration of time to allow deliberation, and where decisions are BINDING. Then we will have effective, sustainable, inclusive and efficient decisions, and marriage equality wouldn't have taken 20 years to decide. Check out our model!