Turnbull weak for supporting Trump missile strike

Karel's opinion on the US missile strike in Syria.

On Friday the 7th of April 2017 Donald Trump launched 59 tomahawk missiles against a military target in Syria.

This was done unilaterally, under the guise of peace and democracy without consultation with other nations and when there was no imminent threat to the United States. It was done on preliminary evidence. There was no proper investigation into the bombings in Syria that were cited as the reason for the action.

The outcome of George Bush invading Iraq in 2003 based on circumstantial evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), is an example of the consequences of pre-emptive attacks. You don’t attack unless it is in your own self-defence. There was no evidence that Iraq was about to attack other states, the evidence of WMDs was wrong and there was no connection to September 11. The result, arguably, more than a million people died directly or indirectly because of that action, and it has contributed to creating the instability in the region now and terrorism around the world.

It is disappointing our Government supported this. If you have any greatness you do what Nelson Mandela did and stand for non-violence. If you want to use force you stand in between the attacker and the victims and then respond in self-defence only. Pre-emptively attacking when it is not in your own self-defence is how imperial and dictatorial states act. It damages your image, removes your authority and feeds the war you are trying to stop. It sets precedents and is a slippery slope.

It shows Malcolm Turnbull is weak and Labor should be ashamed for supporting it also.

When a more powerful state unilaterally attacks another state, when it has no imminent threat to itself, based on no, preliminary or circumstantial evidence and even more so when it is in the name of democracy, is how world wars start.