Royal Commission into the Iraq war


Killing 100,000s people directly or indirectly not in self-defence is illegal, it is mass murder. By doing it under the name of democracy you deceive others into thinking it is ok. This is even worse. The Chilcot Report found "there was no imminent threat from Saddam Hussein", Andrew Wilkie MP resigned from the Office of National Assessments in protest over the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Howard ignored advice. Wilkie states that the invasion of Iraq contributed to the eventual emergence of IS.

If we stand by democracy and justice we need to accept it ourselves. This event is of such magnitude we need a Royal Commission into it with a terms of reference to allow the International Criminal Court to investigate if Howard or any other officials are culpable. This is the first step we need to make to help bring peace to the Middle East otherwise we have no authority and are just hypocritical. People Decide MPs and Senators will vote no to any pre-emptive attack when in Parliament.

We will do what we can in our position in Parliament to establish a Royal Commission into the Iraq war.

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