Results, change and a better future

Karel has run for 5 elections, door-knocked continuously 3 days a week for 4 years in the Griffith federal electorate in Qld, in total 10,000s homes and given 1000s voters access to the People Decide voting system. Running in South Brisbane in the 2017 Qld State Election was the first election he had door-knocked most of the electorate. Putting in more effort than any candidate (possibly in history). He had such inspiring and in-depth conversations with nearly everyone he met and everyone agreed we need to start experimenting with a complete attempt to improve participation in politics because people are disillutioned with left/right politics.

The results for Karel were less than 2%, which did not make sense taking into account the effort put in.

It was due to overwhelming campaigns by the Greens and Labor fighting each other for the seat. The Greens flew in volunteers from all around Australia and as far as we know door-knocked all the electorate and some areas multiple times. Karel witnessed it first hand. After he had long conversations with voters, discussing the need for change, the Greens would come have a short chat with urgency that they needed a "1". We couldn't compete with conventional politics like that, while we had to explain a new way of doing things, or with the funding. The support in the community is clearly there but people did not see through the Greens/Labor campaigns and give the small guy a "1" before Greens/Labor/LNP. To not at least get a slight increase in the vote suggests change is needed.

Change brings even more inspirational and transformative expression and creation. Karel is reviewing things and considering putting his energy elsewhere. He was a speaker at a digital democracy forum in Melbourne after the election, will review People Decide at a national level and may run as a candidate in another electorate. Anita and Angus's results were good for their 2nd and 1st attempts respectively, and Angus is planning to run in the Morningside by-election. Please keep up to date with what People Decide is doing.

Karel feels it was a pleasure running in the Griffith/South Brisbane electorates, his best door-knock story is from an elderly lady who said, "Karel, I have been living here 50 years, I have never had anyone knock at the door, who is not asking for money or pushing a political or religious agenda, and is empowering me to have a voice in my community from my own home, I am writing this in my diary."

Merry xmas and happy new year everyone :)

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