Response to Black Lives Matter, Dallas police shootings, Bastille attack and the coup in Turkey

Call for calm. People Decide can make things better.

We need to look at ourselves first before we point the finger.

Are we good citizens? Do we treat others with respect, inclusion and sympathy?

When a terrorist attack or internal uprising occur it is a tragedy, often lives are lost and we feel for the victims and their families. However, we can easily get caught up in the blame game and point the finger at others. We first need to look at ourselves, have we done anything to contribute to this instability? In most cases “it takes two to tango” and there are always things we can improve. We should focus on these things, ensure we uphold the law, strengthen human rights and be good citizens.

The main reason terrorism and internal uprisings occur is because there is injustice in the world. There are rich dominating countries and sections of society, and poor subservient ones. This has generally been caused over-time by self-interested parties. Those in strong and powerful positions have the ability to exert influence over others. This makes those that are disadvantaged and marginalised insecure. People Decide gives people more power by giving people a bigger voice.

Those in strong and powerful positions have a greater responsibility and duty to be good citizens. If they stand by democracy, the rule of law and champion human rights and not abide by them, it makes them look hypocritical, creates more division and they are weaker. If they are not held accountable for their actions injustice remains, infuriating those that are suppressed.

Australia is a strong and powerful democratic country that stands for the rule of law and human rights. However, we have broken the rule of law, our biggest recent unlawful act is invading Iraq, as a result 100,000s of people have been killed and it created huge distrust, anger and instability in the Middle East. Injustice remains, anger and division simmer and percolate. Acceptance of this wrongdoing and justice brought to those who committed it is the biggest thing that can help contribute to lasting peace.

We have broken laws in our past, particularly against indigenous people, acceptance of wrongdoings can help ease tensions. We have recently eroded human rights in the name of security when we have contributed to the instability. Not standing by human rights in our own country creates greater internal division. We need to strengthen human rights and ensure there is balance between police powers and civil rights.

Karel MSA, BEHons, BA

Karel is contracted to vote with the people, he has policy ideas he hopes the people will vote for: