Established parties make it hard for independents and smaller parties.

As you know we do not give any preferences. We need you to give us a "1" and then you must number all the other boxes in order of your choice to make your vote valid. In most cases the chance for any independent or small party to get elected it based on increasing your base votes of "1" to a point where you are getting close to the established parties: Labor, LNP and The Greens. Then from that point Labor, LNP or The Greens need to preference you above the other established parties to give you a chance of getting elected. Labor, LNP and The Greens know this through and through, it is basic election maths. The system favours the estalished parties and they often pass laws and make decisions that make it even harder for independents and smaller parties to get elected. Recently, there has been a lot of this at Federal and State level. Having diverse voices, greater transparency and accountability is what makes democracy strong. People Decide is all about that. So it is sad when the established parties make decisions (through whatever process they do) that reduces this.

It just happened again. For the last 3 elections all the established parties have given Karel reasonably good preferences. The 2017 Qld State Election is the first election we are giving it a go and Karel is at the top of the ballot paper. The chance is still small but any independent or small party giving it a go should at least have a chance. The Greens have always given Karel "2", they changed it this election and put Labor ahead of Karel (and all the other independents). This decision effectively nukes any chance any independents have. It is really disappointing for diversity of voices and trying to change the existing system from what it is.

Please understand the importance of giving independents and smaller parties your first votes, because in the order you put the numbers on the ballot paper, the moment you put one of the established parties: Labor, LNP or The Greens ahead of an independent or smaller party, is the moment you have nuked the independent or small party's chance of getting elected.

How to vote Karel