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People Decide ran two elections in 2016! Our vote keeps increasing. We now do more than the Government, you can see all the current federal, state bills and local impact assess-able developments relevant to you in one place - never been done before. Check out the Bill below (search for "media" under "Bills and results" on, Rupert Murdoch will be able to buy all the media if this one gets through.

media bill

US election

None of us, including Republican supporters want to live in a world where fear, false information, racism, xenophobia, sexism and bigotry are used, creating division, for personal gain. The outcome of the election encourages this. Secondly, people in a powerful position need to have a wise and considered temperament to make decisions that can affect the world.

For these reasons I, Karel Boele, Independent Candidate for South Brisbane and Griffith, believe the outcome of the election is a terrible thing for the world. I know some of you may have a different opinion but this is mine. I have written an impassioned opinion piece about this.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter! by Karel

This is complemented by Grigory Graborenko's, Independent Candidate for Greenslopes, opinion piece about how the result would have been different if there was more democracy.

More democracy would have stopped Trump by Grigory

For more information about fake news see:

US election: fake news guru Paul Horner takes credit for Trump win The Australian

and what People Decide is doing about it:

How will voters make an informed vote? People Decide

What safeguards are there? What if a vote requires specialist understanding? People Decide

Plus, lets stop interference from lobby groups, Government agencies and party politics.

People Decide MPs, Senators and Councillors are contracted to vote with the people.

Nate Silver, well-regarded election analyst


People Decide is an ongoing deliberative democracy tool, it is not a referendum or plebiscite. People get to vote over the length of time a Bill is tabled in parliament. At least 6 weeks but often much longer, giving people time to consider the Bill. People can see the results as they come in, allowing people who might be apathetic, to vote later if it is clear the vote is going in the opposite direction they want. People can also change their vote during this time if they have gained more knowledge about the issue.

How is People Decide different from a referendum, plebiscite or Brexit?

Karel Boele
Independent Candidate for South Brisbane and Griffith on the People Decide platform