Peace please

We are facing a mini-Cuban missile crisis. What does our Prime Minister do? Go wholeheartedly support a U.S. president that acts more like a dictator than a democratic leader. Malcolm, if you are a true leader you would clearly state that we will help defend the U.S. against a preemptive attack, not a threat or a crusade by the U.S. with “Fire and fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before”. Have we learnt nothing from Iraq? Malcolm, you sold yourself on marriage equality, don’t turn bull and sell yourself on war, you will steep lower than the brute. This is a new low in Australian politics.

North Korea’s Guam threat is unusually detailed and an admission that they don’t have the reliable capability to reach the U.S. mainland. 

Firstly, they have said they are not threatening any other countries, only the U.S. because of Trump’s behaviour.

Secondly, their threat is unusually detailed, numbering the missiles, trajectories and target. Allowing the U.S. to prepare and details to shoot them down.

They have clearly said they do not plan to hit Guam but international waters near Guam. This may be within international law. It is clearly a threat and provocation by North Korea but Trump’s behaviour creates this.

In the media, it sounds like they plan to hit Guam.

Media get your act together on this one it has all the hallmarks of Iraq. 

Countries like North Korea feel insecure because they don’t have weapons others countries do.

It is an opportunity to discuss global nuclear disarmament and put all countries on par.

People do not want war because they know it is the ordinary people that get hurt.

If we put our minds together we can come up with a solution to ensure global security and implement global nuclear disarmament. Where there is will, there is a way.

I believe the people would vote for global nuclear disarmament.

In addition, to contribute to peace and ensure a stable form of government there are a couple of things People Decide politicians automatically vote on. No, on preemptive strikes of war and yes, on supply and confidence bills.

We can’t let Australian politics keep going the way it is, where politicians don’t stand up for peace because they are scared for their own survival. We urgently need to implement People Decide, a new system of government where the people have a say and we put in place safeguards to reduce the chance of war.