Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

We will live in a world of love and togetherness. We will stand up for that.

We cannot allow someone to get elected that says “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters”, “Anybody Who Hits Me, We're Gonna Hit Them 10 Times Harder!” and “I would bomb the SHIT out of ‘em!”. Calls people of race and religion “killers and rapists” or bans them from the country. Degrades women with comments, such as: “grab them by the pussy” or “blood coming out of her whatever”.

It shows someone with the temperament that they think they are a God, superior to other groups and that they can fall into ‘us-verse-them’ mentality when making decisions. It is the weakest kind of leader using fear and division to take advantage of people’s disenfranchisement without rational thought. It is the same thing that happened in World War II. It is the temperament that can start World War III.

I am not religious but I know God does not condone this.

We need to acknowledge this, we must NOT forget this, we need to keep our integrity, speak plainly, the truth and not accept this as a norm. You DO NOT sugarcoat this.

At the same time, someone who can’t take a joke and responds with comments such as so-and-so “is a pussy” is inconsequential, we don’t have time for them, they are someone we do not acknowledge. ‘Delete your account’

Someone hell-bent on just getting as much material gain and fame as they can, is more part of the establishment than anyone. Isn’t that the exact thing the people who voted wanted to stop?

Going on the path we are, we are going to end up like the US.

People are frustrated voting for personalities in a system that produces the same results.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”, Martin Luther King. This is true for all political and personal aspects of your life. If you don't you can loose your integrity (and in my belief the possibility of true happiness), enthusiasm or health.

We need to stand up against this. Take action now and not allow our democracy to fall into division and hatred too.

We need more democracy now not less!

Karel Boele and People Decide will change the political system so people can vote on the actual issues rather than personalities.

Karel is contracted to vote with you.

Voting on issues empowers people rather than oppresses them. It forces people to raise their consciousness, educate themselves, gain awareness and engage. Voting on a law a few times a year is enough. It gives people responsibility and accountability of the decisions, so when people do get it wrong, which is ok, they see the impacts and learn.

Better decisions can be made in a participatory democracy system rather than by any single person or small group of people, and it can create greater freedom, enjoyment and safety.

A real winner conquers themselves within and brings beauty without.

We will live in a world of love and togetherness. We will stand up for that.

Vote 1 Karel Boele and other People Decide candidates at elections.

To vote on the Bills and issues in parliament and council go to www.peopledecide.org.au or if you have any questions see our FAQ.