If People Decide was in Government, Australia would be the world leader for solutions to climate change

The vast majority of Australians believe climate change is real, that we should be a world leader in finding solutions, should not wait for other countries and should put in place more incentives for renewables(1)

Image what Australia would be like with People Decide?

We would a research, innovative and industrious nation in clean, green technology, creating jobs, making our education institutions sought far, people would be healthier and costs reduced, our environment would be cleaner and tourism increase. Overall, we would be richer economically and socially.

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Merry xmas and happy new year

merry xmas

People Decide ran two elections in 2016! Our vote keeps increasing. We now do more than the Government, you can see all the current federal, state bills and local impact assess-able developments relevant to you in one place - never been done before. Check out the Bill below (search for "media" under "Bills and results" on www.peopledecide.org.au), Rupert Murdoch will be able to buy all the media if this one gets through.

media bill

US election

None of us, including Republican supporters want to live in a world where fear, false information, racism, xenophobia, sexism and bigotry are used, creating division, for personal gain. The outcome of the election encourages this. Secondly, people in a powerful position need to have a wise and considered temperament to make decisions that can affect the world.

For these reasons I, Karel Boele, Independent Candidate for South Brisbane and Griffith, believe the outcome of the election is a terrible thing for the world. I know some of you may have a different opinion but this is mine. I have written an impassioned opinion piece about this.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter! by Karel

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Griffith Federal Election 2016

Saturday 2nd July 2016

The final result is now in and we got 1.6%, we are happy with this because it reflects the time and energy we put in it.

In August we will fully migrate to our new voting system. You will need to reset your password the first time you log in to it. We have also set up a system status page so you can keep informed of maintenance windows on our voting system http://www.peopledecide.org.au/system-status.

Please tell us if you are interested in being a member of the People Decide party and/or volunteering prior to or at the next election, it would help us?

Thursday 23rd June 2016

Launch of our new voting system

You’re invited to help us change the world!

Yes, we know it sounds like a big call but this time it’s absolutely true; if our new participatory democracy system is taken up in Australia, the world will change, and for the better!

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Brisbane City Council election 2016

Tuesday 5th April 2016


We are happy with our results from the Brisbane City Council Election. The mayoral results were good and expected, there were a couple of local booths we hoped to do better in, however it is generally representative of the work we put in, maybe we wrongly calculated the donkey vote from last time.

Karel got 5,195 votes for Mayor in Brisbane, the figure of People Decide is slightly higher because we didn't hand out how-to-vote cards which meant some people voted for Leon and Grigory but not Karel. We got close to 4% in booths we targeted and 2% where we ran a candidate.

Highlights include the ABC and Town Hall the mayoral debates, and interviews with People Decide candidates Karel, Leon and Grigory on 4ZZZ.

Snippet of the Town Hall mayoral debate

Interview of People Decide candidates on 4ZZZ

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Queensland state election 2015

Tuesday 10th February 2015

Results are in! 

Karel Boele got the highest independent vote in 15 years in South Brisbane 3.22% or 930 votes. 

Karel results

(snippet from ecq.qld.gov.au)

Anita Diamond in Indooroopilly got 1.85% or 490 votes for a first time which is very good. 

Anita results

(snippet from ecq.qld.gov.au)

We are keen for the next election.

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Griffith by-election and 2014

Tuesday 13th May 2014

Australian federal budget

The federal budget can be considered short-sighted, it uses the excuse of a "budget crisis" to cut expenses, but not look forward in the long-term at income, for example: a review of the tax system.

The budget also broke alot of promises, see a good infographic: on the promises vs budget measures.

We need an balanced budget but also a good social safety net.

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