Is the technology secure?


Everything is done online these days, including banking, and People Decide uses standard security features. Voting is anonymous and in the back-end of our system we plan to keep voter's personal details separate from the votes cast. We also plan to cross-check votes with algorithms and a network of independent electronic scrutineers.

In addition to that, voters have six (6) weeks to vote on an issue, the voting is transparent, people can see the votes increase or decrease as voters vote, enabling independent analysis, identification and mitigation of issues. The technology is open-source so can be independently checked.

2016 Census in Australia

On August 9th the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Census websites were attacked by a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

This is basically a process where many computers send signals to one website and overload it, forcing it to shut down, pretty much like a traffic jam. Things can be put in place to mitigate this.

People Decide is also very different from the Census. It holds much less personal data and voters get 6 weeks to vote on issues. Most DoS attacks last a short period. The votes are also transparent and voters can change their vote allowing independent analysis, identification and mitigation of issues.