Is it being done anywhere else?


There are many participatory democracy initiatives in the world but very few offer representatives that are contracted to vote with the people.

Direct democracy has been in Switzerland since the later Middle Ages. In Switzerland two cantons Glarus and Appenzell Innerrhoden continue to use the Landsgemeinde, the Swiss form of direct democracy. Other cantons abandoned it because federal law made it impractical.

The lessons learnt from Switzerland include but are not limited to positive outcomes such as people voting for what is best for society, for example, when the need presented clearly the people raised taxes twice. A negative outcome has been people voting on human rights. The Australian Constitution can be not changed without a referendum and Australia has common law so the judiciary shapes laws through precedents, however People Decide recommends enshrining human rights in the Constitution to make it stronger.

With the advent of the Internet there has been a renewed interest in direct democracy.

The world’s first direct democracy Internet party was Demoex in Sweden, it had a seat in local government from 2002 - 2013. It lost its seat when it focussed on trying to win a federal seat.