How was People Decide founded? Does it have any affiliations?


Karel Boele started People Decide to form a real alternative to government. To make a more representative, effective, efficient and stable form of government.

Karel founded and is director of Jnana Australia, Australia’s first consultancy specialising in complementary currency and participatory democracy. Participatory democracy has been a passion of his for decades.

The first known attempt in Australia at internet direct democracy was the Real Democracy Byron Shire (RDBS) group who designed a prototype system and tried to convince local council to adopt it in the early 2000s, Karel met some of the original members of RDBS who helped found People Decide and draft its constitution to ensure voters are informed about the issues being voted on.

Separately and with no association to RDBS, Berge Sarkissian started Senator Online, now Online Direct Democracy for the 2007 federal election. Coincidently, Berge and Karel met and Karel was the campaign director for Senator Online in the lead-up to the 2013 election.

Feeling the need for a participatory democracy group that was interested in developing a real alternative to government, a strong focus on ensuring an informed vote and funded by the people, Karel started People Decide with the help of some of the founding members of RDBS. People Decide and Senator Online are not associated in any way.

People Decide has no affiliations.