All candidates are contracted to vote with the people.

You are able to vote on the proposed laws being debated in Parliament through this website. The candidates are contracted to vote with the majority of people in their electorate. If you want People Decide to be change government for the better, People Decide Independent candidates need to be elected first. 

Vote 1 your People Decide Independent. 

Karel Boele

Independent Candidate for South Brisbane for 2017 Qld State Election

People Decide Founder


Karel ran for Independent for Griffith in the 2016 Australian Federal Election and 2014 by-election, Mayor in the 2016 Brisbane City Council Election, and Independent for South Brisbane in the 2015 Queensland State Election.

Karel has been involved in the participatory democracy environment in Australia for the past 15 years. Researching, developing and managing numerous participatory democracy political parties and projects.

He runs a business providing advice on community currencies and participatory democracy. He managed the development of legislation in the financial sector in Asia to create more transparency and accountability.

Karel enjoys the outdoors, dinner parties and gardening.

More about Karel

Anita Diamond

Independent Candidate for Maiwar for 2017 Qld State Election

Anita ran in the 2015 Queensland State Election for Indooroopilly.

She is a qualified secondary teacher and web designer who cares strongly about education, environment and integrity.

Angus Jell

Independent Candidate for Bulimba for 2017 Qld State Election

Bothered by the way the Australian goverment is run, Angus joined the People Decide campaign with the hope to alter politics in a way that will benefit everyone. He has now decided to run as a candidate.

Angus is a hard working laborer. He entered the workforce immediately after graduating from school and has never stopped. Currently, he works at a mesh warehouse, cutting and preparing mesh for custom commercial applications.

He has been learning Muay Thai (a form of martial arts) for 4 years and has a strong sence of self discipline and willingness to improve.

Past Candidates

Leon Lechner

Leon ran for Councillor for the Gabba ward in the 2016 Brisbane City Council Election.
He has lived in South Brisbane for 16 years.


After meeting Karel Leon discovered a story he wanted to share - the creation of an online democracy we can all participate in. Real democracy where the people decide, not politicians. A democracy where people can vote directly on issues. No party politics, hidden deals and ulterior motives. Voting directly on issues you care about with the click of a button.

Leon is an entrepreneur. He has founded numerous startups and received a grant from the University of Queensland for one.

He has been a model and actor, including for 3 years in Latin America.

Leon has also worked in event planning, recruitment for the banking sector and debt collection.

He now manages his own business in hospitality in West End.

Grigory Graborenko

Grigory ran for Councillor for the Coorparoo Ward in the 2016 Brisbane City Council Election.

Grigory is a software developer.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science with a Major in Computer Science. He has worked in industrial software engineering as well as web development and has almost 20 years of programming experience.

An avid fan of history, his curiosity about why egalitarian models of government have failed in the past has led him to advocate for the concept of participatory democracy.

He believes that expanding the voice of the people is the only thing that will end the stagnation and corruption currently ailing western democracies.

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