If People Decide was in Government, Australia would be the world leader for solutions to climate change

The vast majority of Australians believe climate change is real, that we should be a world leader in finding solutions, should not wait for other countries and should put in place more incentives for renewables(1)

Image what Australia would be like with People Decide?

We would a research, innovative and industrious nation in clean, green technology, creating jobs, making our education institutions sought far, people would be healthier and costs reduced, our environment would be cleaner and tourism increase. Overall, we would be richer economically and socially.

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Move Bishop the bullying pawn away from North Korea

Bishop supports threatening North Korea to stop going down a "path of risking regional and global security" (ABC Radio). 

North Korea is scared and lonely. They are scrambling to do what they can to protect themselves from intimidation and ensure self-preservation. An inclusive diplomatic path where they are treated as an equal is needed.

Their technology is primitive and unreliable at best. Advanced strategic and missile defence systems of developed nations can counter it, possibly without touching North Korean soil, and should be used in self-defence only.

Playing bully and threatening them with a US aircraft carrier fleet lead by self-serving and short tempered Trump, will make them even more insecure. It may force them to come out, do more than fire a missile into the sea and instead bite for their life. This can create many, many deaths and huge suffering in the region.

This is a logical conclusion. To support and contribute to this risk can only be the result of blindly supporting an ally. 

Bishop is a bullying pawn contributing to regional and global insecurity. 


Turnbull weak for supporting Trump missile strike

Karel's opinion on the US missile strike in Syria.

On Friday the 7th of April 2017 Donald Trump launched 59 tomahawk missiles against a military target in Syria.

This was done unilaterally, under the guise of peace and democracy without consultation with other nations and when there was no imminent threat to the United States. It was done on preliminary evidence. There was no proper investigation into the bombings in Syria that were cited as the reason for the action.

The outcome of George Bush invading Iraq in 2003 based on circumstantial evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), is an example of the consequences of pre-emptive attacks. You don’t attack unless it is in your own self-defence. There was no evidence that Iraq was about to attack other states, the evidence of WMDs was wrong and there was no connection to September 11. The result, arguably, more than a million people died directly or indirectly because of that action, and it has contributed to creating the instability in the region now and terrorism around the world.

It is disappointing our Government supported this. If you have any greatness you do what Nelson Mandela did and stand for non-violence. If you want to use force you stand in between the attacker and the victims and then respond in self-defence only. Pre-emptively attacking when it is not in your own self-defence is how imperial and dictatorial states act. It damages your image, removes your authority and feeds the war you are trying to stop. It sets precedents and is a slippery slope.

It shows Malcolm Turnbull is weak and Labor should be ashamed for supporting it also.

When a more powerful state unilaterally attacks another state, when it has no imminent threat to itself, based on no, preliminary or circumstantial evidence and even more so when it is in the name of democracy, is how world wars start.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

We will live in a world of love and togetherness. We will stand up for that.

We cannot allow someone to get elected that says “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters”, “Anybody Who Hits Me, We're Gonna Hit Them 10 Times Harder!” and “I would bomb the SHIT out of ‘em!”. Calls people of race and religion “killers and rapists” or bans them from the country. Degrades women with comments, such as: “grab them by the pussy” or “blood coming out of her whatever”.

It shows someone with the temperament that they think they are a God, superior to other groups and that they can fall into ‘us-verse-them’ mentality when making decisions. It is the weakest kind of leader using fear and division to take advantage of people’s disenfranchisement without rational thought. It is the same thing that happened in World War II. It is the temperament that can start World War III.

I am not religious but I know God does not condone this.

We need to acknowledge this, we must NOT forget this, we need to keep our integrity, speak plainly, the truth and not accept this as a norm. You DO NOT sugarcoat this.

At the same time, someone who can’t take a joke and responds with comments such as so-and-so “is a pussy” is inconsequential, we don’t have time for them, they are someone we do not acknowledge. ‘Delete your account’

Someone hell-bent on just getting as much material gain and fame as they can, is more part of the establishment than anyone. Isn’t that the exact thing the people who voted wanted to stop?

Going on the path we are, we are going to end up like the US.

People are frustrated voting for personalities in a system that produces the same results.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”, Martin Luther King. This is true for all political and personal aspects of your life. If you don't you can loose your integrity (and in my belief the possibility of true happiness), enthusiasm or health.

We need to stand up against this. Take action now and not allow our democracy to fall into division and hatred too.

We need more democracy now not less!

Karel Boele and People Decide will change the political system so people can vote on the actual issues rather than personalities.

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More democracy would have stopped Trump

A blog by Grigory Graborenko, one of People Decide's candidates

Trump is president. It seems impossible, but here we are. Clearly the voters made a terrible choice, and we will all have to live with it. So do we then blame democracy? Is giving ordinary people the awesome responsibility to pick their leaders the root of the problem?

No. Absolutely not. Now more than ever, even at it’s darkest moment, we need to defend democracy, and work to expand it. Trump is only here because there was a deficiency of people power, not an excess of it. Remember when Trump hinted at not accepting the results of the election, and it was seen as one of the most dangerous moments of the election? Well, that works both ways. He won fair and square – in the current system – and we have to grapple with that.

Trump won through the electoral college. Clinton, as of time of writing, looks like she won the popular vote, like Al Gore back in 2000. This archaic system of electing the president was set up to protect the “rights” of slave states from too much democracy. As a result, voters in Wyoming have their vote count five times more than those in Florida. A fairer system of choosing the president would have us celebrating a narrow Clinton win today.

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Bartertown event organised by BrisLETS

Great Bartertown event organised by BrisLETS yesterday. You received community currency at the door and traded goods and services with it throughout the event.

People Decide and Karel were there with the electric car. Anita Diamond, People Decide candidate, gave her debut singing performance in front of the public with her band.

BrisLETS is the local Brisbane community exchange system. It is part of the global Community Exchange System (CES) where you trade goods and services using community currency. You receive community currency for what you can offer the community.

People Decide mobile voting unit and Karel

People Decide mobile voting unit, Karel and BrisLETS members.

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Response to Black Lives Matter, Dallas police shootings, Bastille attack and the coup in Turkey

Call for calm. People Decide can make things better.

We need to look at ourselves first before we point the finger.

Are we good citizens? Do we treat others with respect, inclusion and sympathy?

When a terrorist attack or internal uprising occur it is a tragedy, often lives are lost and we feel for the victims and their families. However, we can easily get caught up in the blame game and point the finger at others. We first need to look at ourselves, have we done anything to contribute to this instability? In most cases “it takes two to tango” and there are always things we can improve. We should focus on these things, ensure we uphold the law, strengthen human rights and be good citizens.

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