Bill of Rights


People Decide and Karel Boele support a Bill of Rights enshrined in the Australian Constitution to ensure human rights are upheld. Participatory democracy can improve human rights but it is not fail-safe.

The Australian government has passed legislation that has not considered the impact on human rights on many occasions. There is no legal framework that gives it pause for thought to do so. The Australian Constitution protects some rights, such as: ensuring people are free to exercise any religion, but it is not comprehensive.

A Bill of Rights will do this.

Switzerland which has had direct democracy since the later Middle Ages has showed people vote in the best interests for society above their own, for example, when the need presented clearly the people raised taxes.

However, a Bill of Rights or the protection in Australian Constitution for freedom of religion, may have stopped Switzerland banning minarets on Mosques in 2009. Other religions are still free to build structures to celebrate their religion. This is arguably against the basic human right for freedom of religion and discriminates against one particular group.

It's likely Switzerland also broke its obligations under international law. People Decide has a mechanism in place to stop such a thing happening.

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