Move Bishop the bullying pawn away from North Korea

Bishop supports threatening North Korea to stop going down a "path of risking regional and global security" (ABC Radio). 

North Korea is scared and lonely. They are scrambling to do what they can to protect themselves from intimidation and ensure self-preservation. An inclusive diplomatic path where they are treated as an equal is needed.

Their technology is primitive and unreliable at best. Advanced strategic and missile defence systems of developed nations can counter it, possibly without touching North Korean soil, and should be used in self-defence only.

Playing bully and threatening them with a US aircraft carrier fleet lead by self-serving and short tempered Trump, will make them even more insecure. It may force them to come out, do more than fire a missile into the sea and instead bite for their life. This can create many, many deaths and huge suffering in the region.

This is a logical conclusion. To support and contribute to this risk can only be the result of blindly supporting an ally. 

Bishop is a bullying pawn contributing to regional and global insecurity.