Government without politics? It's possible!

People Decide (PD) is a participatory democracy online voting platform and political party of independents to enable you to vote on, create and contribute to national laws and local government decisions in Australia.

The People Decide website and mobile app enables you to vote on the Bills (laws) and decisions being voted on in Federal and State Parliament and Council, in real-time through your phone or computer. People Decide has candidates for election who are contracted to vote on the Bills in Parliament and the decisions in Council with you.

People Decide's aim is to create a more representative, stable and effective Australian government.

Join PD to be able to start voting now and when People Decide MPs, Senators and Councillors are elected they contracted to vote with you!

To ensure success if People Decide needs to register as a political party in the future, if you are happy to be a member too that would be great.